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Designed for

Your Dream Day

Make it your own

We know that your priorities and definition of a perfect wedding day are different to any other couple. This is why we've designed our venue model with;

  • Total openness to outside vendors (or DIY)

  • Peace of mind for you; we have the easily overlooked basics handled

Complete Customization

Many venues provide everything from flowers to bartending and you pay a compulsory per-guest charge for each of these services. We do things a little differently.


We've designed our services in the sweet spot of customization, affordability, and ease:


1. We give you freedom to select outside vendors or DIY any of the wedding elements that matter to you. This way you can put your budget to work where it matters most to you!

2. We supply the foundational elements for your beautiful wedding day so you don't have to worry about them: ceremony and reception spaces, bridal suite, and the often-forgotten essentials like tables, chairs, bathrooms, sound systems, and more. 

From our family to yours

Our offerings were created with the care of preparing for our own family's wedding; that's because our family wedding was the first to use the completed space! We've worked through all the details of wants and needs and built our venue with everything you need in a beautiful, easy to use space. 

Our Team

image0 (3)_edited.jpg

Bethany Pereira

Venue and Ranch Director, Wedding Coordinator

image1 (1)_edited.jpg

Mark and Lynette Priest

Venue and Ranch Owners

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